Mother earth is having a headache...

I started this drawing back in 2008. Picked it up in the end of 2009 and finished it today. Well finished i have the feeling i could go forever trying to make it better. For now it's finished.
There is a lot of (personal) symbolism in it wich would give a long discription down here. So i decided to do a shorter and more all over discription and let you figure out the rest yourself :D.

I like how it came out as long as i dont look at it to long in detail but thats pure technical and that will evolve in the next drawings i hope.

Mother earth presented as a humanlike figure who retreats and seeks shelter in the womb of a tree she once made.
She carries a manmade sculpted rock that represents the poblems we give mother earth that she tries to bare. The eyes on top of that ballast shows the arrogance of humankind. We see whats happening but to eager for money we continue wearing down our planet, our home, the home of our childeren and not to forget all that lives and keep this planet breating as a whole.
As we think we stand above nature and own it and not seeing that we are nature and need all these resources to keep our planet in a good condition. We need to learn to work together with nature in stead of taking to much in a to short period of time. But in the end the arrogance and greead will be our death and there will be nothing more then our remainings all over the place overgrown by the seeds of nature.

Thank you for taking the time to read and maybe comment on this piece.